Thursday, April 8, 2010

VLV 13-Friday

Friday I woke up early (noon. Thats early for Viva). I was feeling great (and skinny hehe) and was really excited because I got my hair into the Grable do!! It was a pain to achieve but I got it and thats all that matters. I had a hard time getting my bangs to stay in the roll though so I basically shellacked it into place. And instead of pinning it up in the back I left it down.

This is not a great picture but its the only one I have of my day outfit. It looked better in person.
Vintage Hawaiian halter top
Repro shorts. 

Oscar and I had lunch and then wandered around the vendors for a bit. There was an amazing 3 piece 40s playsuit that I almost bought until I saw the waist size. It was maybe 22 inches. Ouch! I had to put it back on the rack. I didnt see too many things that really caught my eye but I did buy some flower hair clips. I figured I'd wait until sunday to buy any dresses so that I could take advantage of the discounts.

There was a rule stating 'no ice buckets allowed in the rooms' but they forgot to say 'no trash cans used as ice buckets allowed in the rooms'. Lol!

My early night outfit.
Shaheen playsuit (I am in love with it!!).
Vintage raffia wedges.
New orchid hair flower I bough at the vendors.
Bakelite accessories.

Heres a better look at the Grable do.

We all made sure that we were in the ballroom for the Teenagers. Even though Frankie Lymon is long dead and the new singer doesnt have the same high pitched voice, the Teenagers were really good! They played 'Goody Goody' first which is my favorite song!

Tyler and Emma

Me and Emma.

Random guys.

The cutest couple!! I love that there are more gay people 'out' in the Rockabilly scene. It used to be soooo hetero! Lol

My late night outfit.
This skirt has a matching top but its cut weird so I paired it with a vintage bustier top instead.

We went to the Wild show which I was really looking forward to. The Rhythm Shakers are one of my new favorites! The singer Marlene has a deep, strong voice that is amazing! Another of my faves was Pachuco Jose y Los Diamantes who I've seen on Youtube before and actually know through Oscar. Theyre a Latin band who remind me of all the music I used to hear in Albuquerque, only better.

Oscar with Pachuco Jose

Me and Tina with the guy from Back to the Future (lol)!

Emma with Bo Huff. She had no idea who he was!!

Oscar and his pal Rudy.


We had a ton of fun at the Wild show! I wanted to catch Luis and the Wildfires but Oscar needed to eat so we left. We stayed out pretty late though so I think I may up for missing Thursday.


  1. the photo of you and your man with the late night outfit,is very cute!!

  2. I did that same Grable 'do too! But on Thursday. I love it, so its my new stand by. Betty Grable is my hero, so I always look to her for inspiration. I need to post a pic of my hair too. I ended up buying a 40s two piece playsuit sunday, and I thought it was something you would wear. You were BDOTW for sure! So nice to meet you!

    Dollie D.

  3. OMG, I love all your outfits (especially the Shaheen playsuit), and your hair is amazing!

  4. You look mahhhhvelous dahling, and looks like you all had a blast to boot! Zootsuitmama

  5. Really cool to see all your outfits, and I like the way you are honest about how you find it hard to put your hair up - I always struggle with my right victory roll, but never think anyone else does!!

  6. My favorite at the Wild show was Don Juan Y Los that 60's post rockabilly sound! Anyway, I was so sad to miss the Caezars ( I was over at Marti Brom) and I really hated that Gizelle didnt show! :(

  7. Thanks for the comments girls!! It really was a blast!

    Dollie-it was fabulous meeting you!! We definately share a love of playsuits! But what does BDOTW mean? I'm out of the loop!! lol

    Dolly-I have a terrible time doing my hair. I've gotten batter at it but I swear!! You get one roll in one try and spend the next hour trying to repeat on the other side! What a pain!!

    JewLover2-I feel like I missed a ton of acts. I always do. Theres just too many to catch them all!


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