Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vintage Haunts

Ever have a vintage item that seems to haunt you? Like you see it over and over and over again. And I dont mean like a certain style or print, but the same exact item?? Has there ever been one particular item that you've ran into repeatedly over the years?

For me, it is this dress:

I first saw this dress 10 years ago in a book I have about early 60s fashion. I love this dress. I think its beautiful and has that perfect silhouette indicative of that time. I also love that its technically a sundress, but the colors make it one that can be worn in the fall as well. I saw this dress on Ebay maybe a year later. I wanted it but it was too big at a 28 inch waist and I was tired of taking in all my dresses. Oh well. About a year later I saw it again on Ebay. Same size and everything. Odd. That was just the beginning though.

A couple years ago in Vegas my friend Teresah wore this exact dress. I remember thinking how odd it was that of all people she would own it because I've never actually seen it on another human being, even though by that time I'd seen it on Ebay at least 3 times. Now I dont know her measurements but I could see her fitting easily into a 28 inch waist. I didnt say anything to her though.

Maybe a year later I saw it AGAIN on Ebay. Same size. Funny. And low and behold while surfing Ebay today I see it again. Same size!!! I swear this dress is haunting me. I love it but at this point I dont think I could own it.  Its just too weird. I have seen this dress come up on Ebay at least 6 times over the years. All with 28 inch waists. Is it the same dress?? I dont know. But it seems odd that this dress wouldve only come in that size.


  1. Oh yes, two items in particular!

    One is a striped 50s swing coat that I've seen at least ten times--this one turns up everywhere.

    The other is a multicolored 1950s dress, which I've also seen at least five times, in different colorways. This one haunts me because I had it in shades of teal, but sold it and now wish I had it again!

    On another note, I have a dress that my mother remembers her mother having, though mine is a different color. I thought it was really neat to find the same dress, and plan on hanging on to it!

  2. Maybe if you break down and get it, take it in and wear it, it will stop haunting you?! ...But then again im sure theres a designer hat out there somewhere that goes with this dress....*Vincent Price Laugh*

  3. maybe the dress brings bad luck so people keep on selling it. kind of like a quija board or something..

  4. Very strange! I've never seen the same item twice at all. But that's not really odd in Australia, I guess.
    -Andi x

  5. When Oscar and I were in Kansas City we went into a vintage shop and I swear they had everything that we collect! The same dishes, glasses, art, lamps. Even this chalkware thermometer I have. It was creepy!!

  6. dearie, you have amazing taste in clothing. i'm always in love with whatever you find. this dress is fantastic and i hope to see you in it! it's obviously calling out to you!!

  7. I absolutely love that dress! I have a size 28 waist! What do you type into ebay when it comes up! I would love to own a dress like that!


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