Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sun Surf

I thought I would do a post about Oscars vintage wardrobe because its really good! Lots of Ricky jackets, flecked suits, gab shirts, and a LOT of Hawaiian shirts. He's not a casual, jeans and t shirt kind of guy. His usual outfit consists of slacks and a Hawaiian, or a 50s flecked suit and a Hawaiian. Its safe to say his style icon is more Montgomery Clift in 'From Here to Eternity' than Danny from 'Grease'. The last time we watched it he kept pointing out all the great Hawaiian shirts in the movie.


This movie is credited with really making the Hawaiian shirt popular (and for the famous line in 'The Godfather'. "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.") The rayon styles of the 30s and 40s were bright and colorful, with an array of beautiful prints. As the decades went by though the fabric turned into polyester and cotton the prints declined.
For vintage collectors an original Hawaiian shirt can cost a pretty penny. They are rare and a lot of times, as with most vintage, there are quality issues. So for a guy that loves these iconic shirts it can be really hard and pricey to add even a few to his wardrobe. The best option today is to buy Sun Surf.

Part of their 2009 collection. The 2010 collection should be out soon.

Sun Surf is a brand that makes reproduction Hawaiian shirts. These shirts are as close to the original as possible and are collectors items in their own right. They are the Whirling Turban of mens reproduction. Every shirt is an exact replica of an original, including Monty Clifts iconic shirts, using custom made rayon. The shirts are so close to the originals that its hard to tell the difference. Also, each style is only made one time, assuring a certain level of collectability. Once its gone, its gone.

Here are some of Oscars Sun Surfs:

Does this one look familiar? It should. Its a replica of Monty Clifts posted above.

And here are a few of his originals:

Oscar in his original long sleeved Hawaiian worn with a 50s black suit with red flecks. Sharp!!

This is just a glimpse into his collection. He makes fun of me every time I buy another Hawaiian dress but he's way worse than I am! At least our mutual styles mesh well together ;-)


  1. I bet your combined wardrobes are worth a fortune!!

  2. They're amazing!! But it's a hard look to pull off. It suits Oscar incredibly well but so many guys look ridiculous in those shirts (maybe because they don't have the confidence?)
    -Andi x

  3. Regarding the Sun Surf Line...I have some curtains I found at a thrift store that says Original Hawaiian Fabric by Sun Surf. It features an image of the SS Lurline and other Hawaiian iconic images. I know there is a Sun Surf company that makes the shirts, but do you know if they did fabric. I am wanting to put these on Etsy, but want to try to verify their age. Can you possibly help?

  4. They did make fabric and even womens clothes for a while. Its not very old but I'm sure would still be worth some money on Ebay or Etsy depending on the pattern. I'm not sure what they are worth though. But I know people would buy it to make clothes out of!

  5. Thanks so much! I just want to make sure they fit the at least 20 years old rule for vintage on Etsy and I am sure they do, the more I look at them. I am speculating 1980s possibly because of the colors used, but possibly older.


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