Friday, April 30, 2010

Silly Stuff and Serious Stuff

This is a random mish mash of a post, but I didn't want to do multiple ones.

Serious stuff first:
Tomorrow Oscar and I are going on a march to the capital in protest against Arizona bill SB 1070, which makes it illegal to be in Arizona without proper paperwork. Or, if you will, it makes it illegal to be Mexican in Arizona. I think this bill is disgusting and racist and even though I do not live in Arizona I think it is important to fight it because this could be enacted in any state. I am against anyone being denied basic civil rights, whether it be about race or sex or sexual preference. Oscars parents are not originally from this country so this issue hits a personal note with him. However, this bill will not just target immigrants, but anyone that looks like one. I know that lots of cities are having protests this weekend so if it is something that you feel strongly about look for a march in your area. If you are in Colorado I will post the info below.


Denver meeting spots:
Viking Park (Speer & Federal) @ 2pm
Sunken Gardens (11th & Speer) @ 2pm
City Park @ 2pm
Lincoln HS @ 12pm (will pick up students from Kepner MS & KIPP schools along the way)


2:30-3:30pm: Entertainment with music, spoken word/poetry, etc:
3:30pm: Rally program starts…community members giving powerful speeches

Now the silly stuff:

Last night I went dancing with Glen at the Mercury Cafe. Its the main place to go for swing dancing in Denver. It was a very casual night and we basically practiced some new Shag moves. I really want to get some video of us dancing but there needs to be someone there to hold the camera. Plus, the light at the Merc is really dim.

See? Super casual!!

The decor at the Mercury is really cool! This is the cafe part and the dance floor is upstairs. I want to steal all of the lamps they have!

The dance floor. Its pretty but bad for shooting video.

And finally, an outfit post:

This is what I wore to work today. It is a similar outfit that I've worn previously and did a post on but I've been so uninspired with my work wardrobe lately that I was happy to finally wear something cute!

Yellow Cardigan-Target
Polka dot cami-Buffalo Exchange
Sailor pants-Forever 21


  1. Only illegal immigrants should be worried about this bill. If you have all of your paperwork and you are OK to be in this country, what's the problem?

    I am not OK with illegal immigrants being in this country, no matter where they are from.

    I do respect your opinion and I am not posting this to be confrontational.

  2. The problem, IMO, is that its racial profiling and I'm not ok with that. There's a girl in my office who is of Pakistani origin but who is 100% American and she is not allowed to do early check in on flights because her name is on the terrorist watch list. I just don't think thats ok and I don't think its ok to require all 'possible imigrants' (ie: Mexican) in Arizona to carry the proper paperwork and to be subjected to this. Because you know they are not out to get English, Irish or Canadian illegals, only the ones that 'look' illegal. And that not ok with me. I respect your opinion on the matter though and am not trying to change it. But my boyfriend is Mexican and my possible future children will be half and I just don't want them to feel like second class citizens because their skin is brown instead of white.

  3. I still love you though Bebe, and your mint chocolate ranch! Thank you for stating your opinion in a respectful, mature way. I appreciate that!

  4. I agree with you in that regard. I believe all races should be questioned and required to carry proper documentation. And I have nothing against Mexicans,(quite the opposite in fact), my feelings toward illegal immigrants is across the spectrum. And it isn't that I dislike the person or have something against them, it's just that I have a problem with the crime(s) they are committing. I love John Dillinger, but he is a criminal! :) And I can't look past that.

    I still love you too! I would never hate because of opinion. <3<3


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