Friday, April 16, 2010


So I thought I would post pics of the two dresses I got at Viva. The pictures arent great but...

This is a 50s plaid halter dress. Its really cute and I have a yellow cinch belt that I can wear with it. I have a close twin to this dress. Its red and pink plaid and I've worn it once. I need to wear it more because its a great summer dress.

Not sure of the age of this dress but it reminds me of a late 30s house dress. Its super cute on and I've already worn it twice.

I was sad at how little I bought at Viva and I didnt buy anything in Austin! We are going to an antique flea market this weekend so maybe I will find something there. I'm on the hunt for some more sundresses and skirts. Also a pair of black shorts. Spring is slowly pushing its way in (the proof is in my allergies) and I need to go through my closet and bring out the more summery stuff. I also to need to rehab my work wardrobe. Its very blah right now. My friend Emma and I are gonna hit the mall on tuesday. Forever 21 is having a huge sale right now and I like to shop there for work stuff.

I also bought a few things from Target.

I needed a cute pair of black flats. I have this horrible tendency to wear flip flops during the summer and Oscar threatened me with bodily harm if I attempt to do that again this year.

Target has some cute cardigans right now in tons of colors so if anyone is looking for some go there! They're only $15 too. I got the red one but now I want to go back and get the other colors too.
I also got this in yellow and blue. I love cardigans for work because they are light weight and cover my tattoos.

Well thats it right now. If I score anything at the flea market I will post pics. Oh, and Pachuca is doing much better. Her paws are healing, slowly, but she already tried to chase a squirrel the other day :-)


  1. The Seconds dress look strikingly similar to the one Claudette Colbert wears in "It Happned On Night" (1934) Her's might have been long sleeved though... both dresses are great!

  2. The first one is really cute, and the second reminds me of a licorice allsort somehow!

  3. I love them both! But especially the first one.
    -Andi x


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