Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Lonestar Roundup

I wasnt going to go to Austin. Oscar had plans to go visit friends and some other friends of ours were driving there to go to the Lonestar Roundup, so he convinced me to go. It started out fine but if you've read my previous post you'll know that I didnt have much fun. I tried to make the best of it but in all honesty I didnt really like Austin. Maybe I'm biased because I blame Austin for losing my dog (in some sort of weird way) but I just wasnt really into it. Either way, here's some pictures from the weekend.

My attempt at a smile in front of Big Mike's wagon.
Vintage Chambray skirt
Red halter top
Vintage red wicker purse
Beer cozy

This is a bad picture of Oscar.
Big Mike, Chica, and Ian
More beer cozys.

Me with a giant great dane. And a beer cozy. They're required in Texas apparently.

This kids stroller even shot flames out of the pipes!

The car show was massive and about a million people went. The music was not very good though. Neither was the shopping (swap meet). It was hot and I was tired of being in the sun after intermittently crying all day so we left around 4 and everyone headed down to Congress for the cruise. The great thing about Austin is that the city is very accomodating for this event. People sat on lawn chairs by the side of the road drinking beer out of their coolers watching the cars cruise down Congress. As long as its in a cozy its all good!

Oscar in front of the Continental Club

By one of the murals in the Continental Club

Our friends didnt show up til pretty late for the cruise and we were beat. I think we were home by midnight after stopping off at Your Mom's Burger Bar for a snack.

The next day was a casual day spent hanging out with our friends Mari and Mark. They took us to a couple very interesting Austin bars and restaraunts.

This place offered Chicken Shit Bingo for $2. Its exactly what it sounds like. Everyone sat in the parking lot drinking beer they brought from home (in cozys). Does Austin not have liqour laws???

Afterwards we went to the Driskill Hotel where we saw this:
 At least the cocktails don't require a cozy.

That evening I promptly got the flu and then flew home the next day along with the Harlem Globetrotters (I'm not joking). I was just so happy to be home with my dog. Austin is just not my scene and I didnt have fun at all. Of course I may be judging it unfairly due to unforeseen events. Maybe I should go back sometime and give it another chance. It has pretty areas, good food, and great night life. But I obviously do not have good luck there. I didnt even buy anything!! What a waste!


  1. Bummer! So sorry that you got sick. You looked fabulous, though! Where did you find those sunglasses? They are too cute. Hope you feel better, doll!

  2. I was the crazy girl in blue dress who asked if my boyfriend could take your guy's photo. I didnt even put two and two together that I read your blog. Gosh I am dim sometimes. The photo came out really well, as soon as I upload them I'll send it to you.


  3. You've been to Austin, so you should drop in on us at the Casablanca (in north Texas) in June! on the 19th Im hosting a party Celebrating 5 years of the Casablanca (my lake house) and it will be the Retro event of the season! (for us anyways!) If you could make it we'd LOVE to have you! Check over on my blog "Everyone Goes to Mick's" Sunday for more details!!!

  4. Such a shame you didnt enjoy your trip. Its crappy when you go away and you cant enjoy yourself as you are worrying about things at home. At least your dog didnt escape while you were at Viva!

  5. Brittany-I dont remember where I go them cuz I've had them for YEARS! Maybe Buffalo Exchange since I used to work there and got tons of great stuff there.

    Darla-I remember you!! I hope I was nice. I was a bitter betty at the car show. I'm sure everyone thought I was horrible!

    Mick-Thanks for the invite but I dont think we'll be traveling much anytime soon. My job will be quite demanding for the next couple months. Also, I'm super paranoid to leave my pooch now!

    Dolly-I wouldve been pissed if it had happened during Viva. The last time I was in Vegas for the Rave I was so sick I had a miserable time. I was determined to not let that happen again.

  6. I definitely saw you there! It was so nice to see another person actually in full vintage/retro/repro befitting the cars and not just Bettie Page bangs :)
    Sorry you got sick though. No Me Gusta!

  7. I'm really sorry you didn't like it here ;(. But you should come again when your not worried about your baby, and try again.


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