Friday, April 30, 2010

Giveaway Entries Part 1

The giveaway is still open so if you haven't entered you still have time. I will do the drawing on May 5, Cinco de Mayo! I've really loved reading everyones stories that go with their photos. I know that I'm making you work for it, but I love finding out more about my followers! I wanted to go ahead and post some of them here. I will post more later so if you've sent me an entry and arent in this post don't worry. I plan on posting all of them! And if any of you lovely bloggers would like to mention my giveaway on your blog please do. The more the merrier!! Also, if you have a blog and I don't link to it please send it to me so I can. Thanks!
Hi I am sending in a picture of me wearing one of my mum's dresses. I am guessing it's from the late 60s, maybe early 70s. It's a little red and white striped cotton dress. The reason I picked this picture/day of wearing vintage is 1. It's a dress my mom wore when she was about my age and it's still as beautiful as it was back then and the fact that it's her makes it extra special to me. 2. This is the most important reason, the picture was taken on my 1st wedding. My husband and I got married twice so to speak. We had a registry office wedding in the UK (he's English) which is where this picture was taken and then we had a blessing and proper big wedding in Germany a few months later (I'm German). This way we had the least hassle sorting out the legal side of getting married. I loved this small ceremony (just us and two friends as witnesses) and it was the beginning of our wonderful marriage.

This is one of the photos I took when I first was getting into photography..years ago. I had the idea of capturing a lost rural midwest girl ..trying to find her way to some sort of happiness..when I look at this photo it really hits me that I really did not have to act very much. nothing glamorous about this photo, that lost girl truly is me.
This photo makes me sad but happy at the same time.

Hi Holly, Really enjoy reading your blog :)See attached my photo. This was taken at the Tutti Frutti 50s weekend ( held last July in Morcambe, which is in the North West of England on the coast.This was a lovely evening, my victory rolls had gone right - first time! - and I was wearing one of my favorite 50s style dresses (From UK brand Collectif The thing that spoils the photo - the shoes!! In my wisdom, I had 'packed light' for the weekend but had forgotton my black heeled evening shoes! All the shops had shut and I had no choice but to wear my pink flats. Its the thing that everyone comments on - as Im known for 2 things; polka dots - nearly everything I own is spotty!, and matching. I ALWAYS match. But not on this occassion!! I kind of forgot about it after a few drinks anyway....It was a brilliant weekend and I cant wait to do it again this year - WITH the right shoes :)Take care, Clare

hiya!! thanks for the giveaway and here's a favorite pic of me and the hubby. I love this picture because we look happy and it's his birthday and it was a super weekend we spent at a B&B in town. we were headed out to a blues show for some dancing that night. I also love love love my squaw dress because it was just a perfect find and it fit and it's black and silver and it was just full of fun! Hope you enjoy it too!

So, this pic is of me in Las Vegas in one of my favorite dresses. It was my first time in Vegas and I was hitting all the tacky souvenir stores. Some drunk guy (it was like 2 in the afternoon) snapped this pic of me. That bear sure is handsome.

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