Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Adventures of Pachuca Lou

So I spent the weekend in Austin at the Lonestar Roundup. I will have a post on that later but first I need to write about something else.

This is Pachuca Lou. This little animal scared the hell out of me this weekend. I left her and my other child (my cat Calvin) in the hands of my friend Cara. She is the usual pet sitter lately and I totally trust her. But when I got a text from her on saturday morning saying 'Holly, call me back!!!' I was worried. I thought maybe Cal had gotten sick or something. He is 13 so I'm preparing myself for it. So when I called her back I was not expecting to hear 'Pachuca got out. We cant find her.' I was stunned!

Cara had taken my little dog to her moms house in Englewood, which is a suburb of Denver. Apparently her (stupid) brother let my dog out and she took off. Cara searched all of Englewood for her. I put up a Craiglist post and she made fliers and plastered the area. We even offered a reward. I spent all of saturday and sunday worried sick and crying. I even changed my flight to an earlier one. I had nightmares that I was gonna come home to no Pachuca.

On sunday I started getting calls from people who had seen her but couldnt catch her. I have a typical small dog that is very skittish of strangers. She's also really fast! Finally in the evening I got the call I was praying for. A young girl, out of breath, saying 'I have your dog!!' Cara went to pick her up immediately and discovered that she was only 5 blocks from where she got away. Apparently the girl had been chasing my dog for hours and finally caught her!

So I have my little dog back. I got to come home to her and not just her things. I even brought her chicken nuggets as a treat. The poor thing is extremely sore and thin. The pads of her paws are red and raw. Her appetite is fine though and she still perks up when I say her favorite words 'squirrel', 'pupperoni', and 'outside'. I put the red booties on her last night but they just made her paws swell up so I took them off. Today they look fine and are healing.

It was a nightmare to go through but I'm so happy it turned out ok. My friends Cara, Doug and Jenny went above and beyond to help find her. I am so thankful for them! I dont blame Cara at all (but I do blame her brother) and she really did everything possible to find her. I'm just so glad its a happy ending. I'm totally attached to my dog and cant imagine life without her. Especially like that! I just hope she got her fill of the big outdoors and doesnt ever do that again!!


  1. Poor pooch! Glad you got her back safely :)

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! How scary!!! I hope my doggies never get away from me. (Knock on wood). Glad to know she is back safe & sound.

  3. How awful. Had that happen to me once also with my cat. I was an idiot and left a basement window open and out they all went. The bad thing was I was cat sitting a friend's cat also and it ran out too! Eventually her cat and my one came back but I was still missing my oldest one. She was missing for a week...I walked around the neighborhood putting flyers in people's mailboxes as I was bawling my head off! That sure must have been a sight. Eventually a neighbor down the street spotted her living under a garage and called me. Worst week ever! My cat was never the same after her unfortunate escape :(

  4. What an ordeal!!! So happy that Pachuca got home safe and sound!
    These little guys really cozy into our hearts don't they - I'm so attached to my Pom that it verges on crazy ;)
    Is Pachuca wearing doggy boots in that photo? Too cute!

  5. Oh no poor little Pachuca. I have looked after other peoples dogs many times before and there is really nothing worse than when they run away!
    Anyway glad you get her back, she's looks like the sweetest pup in the world.

  6. Yeah it was really an awful ordeal. I dont wish it on anybody. Hopefully she will never try and run away again. The funny thing is now she's milking it for all its worth. With Oscar she's fine but with me she just cant get on the bed/couch. She just knows what a sucker I am and that I'll give her more treats!

  7. That sounds scary! Glad you found her!


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