Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Roundup

So this weekend I actually got some stuff done for Vegas. I did some packing and planning and hair do-ing. I also bought some more flowers to decorate. I go to Hobby Lobby and buy them and then glitter glue the edges. Nothing fancy. I dont even put them on clips because I prefer them single so I can put them where I like. Its pretty silly at this point because I have a TON of flowers. I really didnt need more, but these were just so pretty I couldnt resist!

See?? Pretty!

This is only half of what I have. I think I will include some flowers in my give away, which I still have not come up with. Man, I slack!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day out so we took the Caddy to our favorite bar, The Cruise Room. (I promise I will do a post on this amazing bar soon.) I had set my hair the night before and attempted to do faux bangs. It didn't work though. I think I need to rewatch Fleurs video because it just came out a frizzy mess!! But all was not lost because I did manage to do a pretty good hairstyle! Victory rolls with a front roll. I seem to do this hairstyle a lot. It gives me something to do with my bangs and I think its a pretty flattering hairstyle on me.

I need to learn to take better pictures of myself.

And my outfit for the evening.
Dress-Buffalo Exchange (not vintage)
Shoes-Ecco (as usual)
Bakelite bangles and earings.

The evening was fun even though it ended with the Caddy breaking down. Old cars are a pain in the ass. But even on the flatbed people were gawking. Oh and on friday we went to the Mayan and saw The Hurt Locker. I can understand why it won the Oscar but its not a film I would watch again.

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