Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Packed and Ready to Go!!!

So we leave for Viva tonight and I'm totally ready! I have all my outfits together and packed and I even got up early this morning to do my hair. I did a wet set last night with foam rollers. I battled as usual with my right roll but eventually I got it. This will make my life easier for the next two nights, as I dont plan on washing my hair.

We're going straight from the airport to the pre show so I didnt want to worry about my hair at all. I'm very excited for this weekend!! I am in major need of a vacation and this is always the perfect one! I promise I will take lots of pictures for everyone to see.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. Have fun! I've recently discovered your blog and absolutely love it! I wish I was going to Viva this year, but won't be :(

  2. Do I even need to tell you to have fun? LOL! Have a great trip, can not wait to see your photos!

  3. Would it be to much to ask for you to send me a post card from viva?! :)

  4. have a blast and take lots of pics!

  5. You look gorgeous. I wish I was going. Have fun!

  6. hey lady! i saw you briefly thursday night at big sandy, but you breezed by me so fast i had to do a double take! hope you enjoyed viva!


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