Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Neon Graveyard

We had a bit of a blizzard here last night so I spent the evening cuddled on my couch with my dog and got caught up with my show, Be Good Johnny Weir. This weather does not make me very motivated! Vegas is only 7 days away, with only 6 of them for actual preparation. Wednesday I will work all day and then we will go straight to the airport. Tonight I hope to get more done. The big stuff is complete but I need to dye my hair and finish packing. Oh and clean, so that my pet sitter isnt afraid to come over.

With all of Denver in a deep freeze I thought I would do a post about the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas. This is where all the old neon signage in Las Vegas has wound up. When we went to the first Rockabilly Rave USA in 08 we took a trip there. If you ever go to Vegas I highly recommend you visit this fantastic place. I highly recommend making reservations if you plan to go.

I wish this was a real shoe.


I didnt plan my shoes very well. Skull patterned slip ons do not go well with a vintage Hawaiian dress! But with all the glass everywhere you dont wanna be caught in heels.

The group. Patrick, me, Teresah, my other half Lil e, and Oran.
The Stardust


  1. I only found out about this place until after I left Vegas, I was so dissapointed I couldnt go! Oh well, next time. wonk wonk wonk...

  2. if anyone is interested in going you should check out this link
    and book a tour...they are currently renovating and only have tours on Friday at 2 PM, & Saturday at NOON & 2 PM the cost is $15.


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