Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mayan Theater

One of my favorite theaters in Denver is the Mayan which was built in 1930. This is an amazing example of  Art Deco Mayan Revival architecture and its located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Denver, the Baker district.
Taken after opening day 1930.

Like most theaters of that time its popularity decreased over the years. In the 80s it narrowly missed being demolished. It then underwent a rehab and remodel, with two small upstairs theaters added on. Now its an independent movie house complete with upstairs bar.

The interior of this theater is amazing! Every inch is adorned with something! I won't say the seats are the most comfortable but thats to be expected in these old theaters.

Close up of the Mayan God.
The Mayan all lit up at night.

And here I am before visiting the bar with Oscar.


  1. That is so cool! and It was a "Fox" chain too!

  2. That is beautiful! I am obsessed with old theaters!


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