Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Icky Icky Icky!!!

Hey everyone! I wish I had some cute photos to post but the truth is I havent done anything lately. In fact I feel like all I've done over the last few weeks is clean! One of my pets, I'm not sure which one (they keep blaming each other) has brought home a few nasty friends (fleas!!). I have never experienced anything like this before and have gotten quite the headache trying to get rid of them. Apparently they are pretty resilient little assholes who just refuse to die! I have washed everything, shampooed everything, bug sprayed everything and given each pet about 5 baths each. They now hate me and the word 'bath' but I'm hoping that I finally got them. I kinda doubt it though...

The suspects...

Calvin Wayne

He claims to have evidence that the dog did it. Likely story...

Pachuca Lou
If thats not the face of guilt I don't know what is!

That aside, its time to start planning my wardrobe for Vegas. I have pulled some items but still need to mend and sew and put together outfits. I am a list maker and like to write out each outfit I plan on wearing (3-4 outfits per day!!). It may sound ridiculous, and it is, but its also my idea of fun. I love dressing up! I was hoping to sell some stuff on Ebay but in my flea horror have put everything into storage. Oh well. Hopefully I will have more interesting posts next time.


  1. you need to buy frontline. it will kill all the fleas larva and eggs. washing stuff doesnt get rid of them... they sell it at Costco and petsmart and petco. I know it sounds so gross... and fleas are fucking gross but that is the only thing that works... there is also another one too.

  2. Yeah we have an exterminator coming tomorrow. I just want these little buggers to die already!!!

  3. Isn't it awful? Been there, done that. Fleas hate the taste of brewers yeast. I put some powdered brewers yeast on my dog and cats crunchies for awhile and haven't had a flea problem since. They took to it just fine. Cheap & natural, available at your local health food store.


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