Monday, March 8, 2010

The Gothic Theater

I want to do some posts about the historic architecture of Denver. I think most people are unaware of what Denver has to offer as far as Art Deco or Mid Century Modern. I know my BF had no clue until he came here and I took him on a tour. He expected Denver to be flat and boring. I live in Central Denver, one of the oldest neighborhoods (it was originally a cemetary), and I am surrounded by huge Victorian homes from the turn of the century. As you go out for miles in all directions you will find Bungalows, Craftsman, and Tudors. Mixed in with these more traditional homes you will find Art Deco houses and apartments. And on the fringes of these really old neighborhoods is where you find the Mid Mod homes.

Along with the homes Denver has done a great job maintaining its historic architecture in its buildings, bars and theaters. Whole shopping centers still use their original Googie signage. And the LoDo area where I work has been completely revamped, turning old warehouses and department stores into lofts and offices, while maintaining the original look of the downtown area.

I decided that the first place I would show you would be the first place I went when I visited Denver at 16. Its the Gothic Theater located in Englewood, CO which is a suburb of Denver. It was built in the 20s as a movie theater and was done in the Art Deco style. This was the first theater in Denver to show 'talkies'.

The original Gothic Theater

In the 40s the outer facade received an overhaul in an effort to modernise it. Luckily they never touched the interior. Its really unique looking, with rounded walls and recessed coves that I assumed were modern additions but are actually original.

After many declining years the theater was almost torn down. In 1998 it was bought and fixed up. The interior paint was redone and the original marquee refurbished. They also added a wrap around balcony done in the Art Deco style. It is now one of Denvers premier concert venues. I've gone to quite a few shows here and at the last one I went to (The English Beat) I noticed a photo showing the original Art Deco theater. I really wish the front facade was left alone, but at least this wonderful theater is still around and maintained in some of its original style.
The Gothic Theater today.


  1. What a lovely theater it was and still is. I have never seen anything quite like these two photos, its sad that they changed it. But awesome that they saved the theater.


  2. You changed your blog layout!
    I absolutely adore this theatre, the interior is breath taking. Art Deco/Beux Arts/Art nouveau are my favorite period in architecture and arts. Love this post, keep them coming! Are you excited for Viva? I wish I could go! I love Vegas.

  3. Thanks! I love that time period too and theres a ton of it in Denver. I will definitely keep em coming! I just want to wait til the snow melts to get some pictures of them. And I'm so excited for Viva I could pee my pants!!!

  4. Thats Pretty neat! I love it when Old theaters are saved. What a treasure that no one ever messed with the inside!


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