Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Bash

So this past saturday was my 32nd birthday. I would be afraid of this number but I don't feel 32 so it isnt that bad. I had a fabulous birthday that started with me waking up to a huge box wrapped in Sponge Bob paper. My BF listened to my blatant hints and got me the carpet shampooer I've been lusting over. I know its not jewelry or a lucite purse, but sometimes what a girl really wants is a clean carpet.

We went to Sushi Den that evening with some of my best friends. Sushi Den is hands down the best sushi I've ever had (yeah I know what you're thinking. Sushi in Denver??? No way. But seriously. THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD!!! Check it out here Sushi Den). After an hour wait we finally sat down and promptly ordered saki.

Oscar and me before drinks (hence his sour expression). I really wish I would've gotten a picture of my hair. I did 2 rolls on either side and 1 in the front. The back was down and curled.

Drew and Cakes (aka Liz). Sorry for the grainy pictures. I didn't want to use the flash in the restaurant.

Steve and Carly

Cara and Doug



This was only the beginning of the night but my camera battery died. We did however bring out the Polaroid later and took some great pictures at the bar. I'm waiting on Doug to scan them for me. Overall though the night was a lot of fun! I love my friends :-)


  1. Happy birthday,32. Your just a baby!

  2. Happy Birthday, Honey! And if that is the face of 32, you should bottle it and sell it! :) I had no idea you were in Denver I was just there this summer visiting my Aunt. What an awesome city. My hubby really wants to move there!! As for the carpet shampooer, I'm SO jealous!! I'd take a carpet shampooer over diamonds any day!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I think you look gorgeous.

  4. Happy Birthday! My mom's birthday was on Sat too...but it's very obvious that your birthday party was way more fun then hers! lol


  5. my bf bday was on saturday!

    happy bday to you!

  6. You are right, you are as young as your heart feels. Its only up hill from here. I laughed at the clean carpet joke.

  7. There are so many Pisces!!! I have a bunch of friends celebrating their birthdays around now. In fact 4 of my best friends and my sister are all Pisces. Happy birthday to everyone!!


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