Friday, March 5, 2010

At least my jobs good for something...

I have been hating my job this week. Its been so stressful and annoying that I just want to walk out and give everyone the finger. But at least my crappy office job allows me to shop on Ebay and win this:

Its an Alfred Shaheen bathing suit and sarong skirt that can be worn as a dress. I love it!! It was not cheap but I don't care because I was outbid on a similar piece last year.

The one that got away...

I was really sad when I didn't win the pink and purple number but winning this green set makes it all better. Green is a fabulous color on me (if I do say so myself) and I love that this one has straps. I also love that its a Shaheen because I always seem to lose when I bid on them (see pink and purple number above). And in the grand scheme of things the price was pretty reasonable on it. The bad thing though is that I decided to buy this instead of pay my overdue electric bill. But a girl has to have priorities right????

On a side note I got my Heyday red trousers in yesterday (in the correct size this time) and I am just over the moon with them!! Now I just need to get them hemmed. I can't wait to wear them!!


  1. Lol, you sound like me! I hate my crappy day job most of the time too. I had to think possitive in the sense that I was getting paid today(friday) so I'd be able to shop on Ebay/ Etsy just to keep me from walking out this week.

  2. I am happy for your win, that is a stunning set. I cant get enough of Shaheen pieces and would love to own one. These sets are stunning and so pratical, I love that you have 3 outfits in one.



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