Thursday, March 25, 2010

6 Days to Go

You are all probably sick of hearing me talk about Viva... Well thats too bad!!! Bwahahaha!!

Here is a list of things I am looking forward to in Vegas:

1) The Wild Pre Show:

Every year on Wednesday night Wild Records has a pre show. This years event will be at the Hard Rock Hotel and will feature original Rockabilly artist Al Hendrix; Wild recording artists The Caezars, and Chuy and the Bobcats; various DJ's and a burlesque show. Its always a good time. Wild is also having a friday night all nighter featuring 15 of their acts at the Orleans. I like the Wild shows because they are a bit more rockin than some of the more traditional Rockabilly acts. Theyre more 'rock' than 'hillbilly' and thats the way I like it.

2)All night record hops:

So after the bands and an outfit change I head to the smaller ballroom for the record hop. These go on til 7AM and are the best part of the evening for me. This is where I really get to let loose and dance. At Viva there is a formula for the DJ's: play some bops, play some strolls, and then play a whole bunch of Jives. By this time I am wearing something more comfy and have discarded anything that gets in the way of my dancing (bakelite bangles, lucite purse). I will also not really stop dancing at this point because if I do I will pass out. At 7 AM when the lights turn on we all head down to get breakfast. Then, and only then, is it time to pass out.

3) Chuck Berry:
I'll be really honest. I don't like going to the car show anymore. I used to like it but its gotten really huge! Plus, anyone can buy a ticket for it, not just the people who go to Viva. That may not sound bad but its just a whole different world there. All the girls want to be pin ups and all the guys want to fuck pin ups. Its a meat market. That being said, Chuck Berry will be playing at the car show this year. I am worried thats its gonna be more of a nightmare than it usually is but thats not gonna stop me from seeing Chuck freakin Berry!! As long as I see him do the duck walk and sing Maybelline I will be happy. Oh and 'You Never Can Tell'. I love that song!

4) Dinner at Firefly:

This is sort of a tradition. We try to get out of the casino at least once to go have a decent meal. Though the food at the Orleans is much better than it was at the Gold Coast (I do miss the Chinese food at the Monterey Room though...) its nice to eat something other than TGI Fridays happy hour nachos and Fuddruckers burgers (they do room service!). The past few years we have gone to Firefly. Firefly is a tapas bar that has the best food (manchego mac and cheese!), pitchers of sangria and mojitos, and, obviously, delicious desserts. We get a large group together, order just about everything on the menu and share it all. Its delicious! We are going on thursday this year and I am already salivating at the mouth just thinking about their parmesan and herb fries!

5&6)Tiki Pool Party and Jive Contest:

I tried to find a picture that really captured the pool party but I couldnt. Its just too massive for a photo! The pool party is a great place to wear your vintage bathing suit, lounge under a parasol and sip on strawberry daiquris. There are bands and DJ's, burlesque and pin up. Its the perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon. After the pool party you can get ready and head over to the Jive contest, which is also in this video. Lil e and I entered it and won back in 2002, and various friends of mine have entered and placed in the years since. This is more a contest of endurance than anything else! By the time we did our victory dance I wanted to throw up. I always love watching the contest and cheering and stomping for who I think should win. Its great fun, but I will never enter it again!!

7) These people:

The main reason I go to Viva every year is to see my friends. They are goofy and fun and crazy and drama free. Honestly, without them Viva wouldnt be as fun. They all live all over the place so this is the only time we can all get together. And in 6 days I will be drinking, dancing, laughing and eating TGI Fridays nachos with them. I can't wait!!!


  1. Oh it looks like it's going to be so much fun. My husband just went on a skydiving holiday for two weeks in California somewhere and he will spend next weekend in Vegas as a little break from crazy jumping out of planes. When he told me about that I immediately thought about your trip to VIVA and felt a little jealous. I hope you have an awesome time and have loads of pictures etc to share. That way I can at least enjoy it on my little screen in rainy England.
    PS: I love following your blog. You're one fine lady!

  2. I'm so jealous, everything looks like so much fun, I'd love to go one day!

  3. All night record hops!! that would be my highlight too!

  4. That sounds amazing! There isn't anything like that where I live. And even if there was, I'd probably be the only one going....


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