Thursday, March 18, 2010

1940's Hair

So far this has been a tough week for me. Its been really stressful and my job is driving me nuts. I don't want to turn this blog into a bitchfest, so I won't, but I will state emphatically that I CAN'T WAIT FOR VEGAS!!!!! More than anything I just need a vacation. I need my only stress to come from attempting to do victory rolls/winged eyeliner/apply fake lashes while hungover, sleep deprived, and shaking from not eating yet. I am craving that stress.

I haven't really had time to do much Vegas prep at home lately. I will wait til the last minute to sew as always. I still need to plan out some outfits, but I think for the most part I have everything ready. I have a list prepared of what I want to take (with new items added daily) and have a few hairstyles in mind to try out.

Hairstyle #1:
Betty Grable

In my opinion, Betty Grable is a hair icon. Some of her styles seem to defy gravity! I have always particularly loved the above style but have never attempted it because I have always had bangs. Right now though they are a bit longer so I may be able to get this style. Also, this video by Classic Retro Glamour has given me hope!

I love all her videos!! You should definitely go and subscribe to her channel. I can tell that it may be a challenge to roll my bangs like that but I'm willing to try. I have more hair than she does too so I think that may help with the bigger roll.

Hairstyle #2:

I love this photo. The woman in it is so beautiful and I adore her dress!! Anyways, I love faux bangs because they are really flattering and give that great 40s pin up look. I first attempted them at the last Rockabilly Rave and they came out ok, even though I didnt have enough hair or a proper foam rat. I guess you can say I faked my faux bangs (heehee). Well this year I have the correct rat but I still don't have enough hair, so I'm not sure how it will work out. I think I will do a trial run this weekend. If I do I will post pics so you can see the outcome.

On a side note I am thiiiiis close to reaching 100 followers!! Thats really exciting and I must thank my fellow bloggers Mary Deluxe and Twila Jean for doing posts about me. Their recommendations really helped bump up that number. I want to do a give away or some sort of contest as a thank you to all of my followers but I need to think something up. Once I've figured something out I will let everyone know. For now I will just say a big 'Thank you' to everyone!!



  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful video! I have bangs too, so it might be pretty frustrating but I'll try it too!

  2. I love that roll on the blonde. I'm gonna try it! Zootsuitmama

  3. ah I wish I was going to Vegas, the £ to $ thing is so bad at the moment, it's a no hoper!

    Are you going to the Rockabilly Rave this year? If so I do a stall there, pop by and say hi, always nice to meet new people, I love your blog!

  4. Hi there,

    I was just turned on to your blog by Twila Jean and I've added it to my reader :) I hope to see you at Viva!


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