Friday, February 19, 2010

Repro Buys

So I bit the bullet and bought the Aris Allen wedges. I've been eyeing them for a long time and I'm in desperate need of new white wedges so...what the hell! They'll come in handy at Viva.

I had considered getting the Remix wedges but had heard that they don't last very long. Has anyone had any experiences with them? They are so cute but I need shoes that won't give out after a year. The ones I currently have aren't even dance shoes. They're made by Spring Step and are sooo comfortable and durable! I've literally been dancing in them for about 9 years and they are still going strong. I just wanted something more 'vintage' looking I guess.

Now I want to take a minute and rave about something. A few months ago I purchased a pair of pants from Heyday.
Here's the lovely Fleur modeling the red trousers I purchased.

Now I was nervous to buy them because they are a UK company so the sizing is different and the price is more due to the conversion rate. But I had read many rave reviews about them so I figured it was worth it. So I purchased them. Shona sent me a lovely email saying she had mailed them out and asked me to let her know how they fit. When I got them in I was ecstatic! They were so beautifully made that I couldnt wait to get them on. So once I got home (I get all my packages sent to my office) I tried them on and...they didn't fit!!!! They were too small on my darned hips! I almost cried. I felt like a moron for not double checking my measurements. Truth is, I think I was in denial that I'm not 22 anymore. I'm a petite girl but my hips are womanly!

So as embarrassed as I was I sent Shona an email admitting my error and asking what could be done. She was so wonderful about it! She told me to send back the pair I had and she would send me out the next size up once they made more (they were out of them at the time). She wouldnt even let me pay for shipping! So now that she has them made she is mailing me the correct size out on monday. I simply can't wait to get them!

I would highly recommend shopping at Heyday! Not only are the clothes beautifully made but Shona is a delight to work with. You can tell that she wants her customers to be completely satisfied. I will definitely be repurchasing from them in the near future!


  1. Love those Spring Step shoes! The comfort brands (Spring Step, Clarks, etc.) usually have good quality vintage-style shoes without the Remix price; probably because they've been making the same styles for a zillion years. Another brand I recommend checking out is Worishofer. I have two pair that I wear all the time and I credit them with keeping my feet happy at Viva last year.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I'll look into them.

  3. i dance both in Aris Allens and Remix shoes. Both are holding up well, except my AA Rugcutters (the oldest pair) are looking a little worse for wear with the suede rubbing to a shine in some spots. The soles of both the AA and my pairs of remix are doing great. I've also danced in some all leather hand-tooled shoes from Olvera St. in LA and there is a vendor selling them on ebay for $70 (not a bad price - i paid close to that in person in LA). let me know if you want the seller's link.

  4. Thanks so much!! I heard that the Remix shoes stretch out so its nice to know that theyre holding up well. They have such cute styles! And definitely give me the sellers link! I've been dying for some hand tooled shoes for years!

  5. I love my Remix wedges,especially the pleated toe wedge. Had to get another pair and would probably have this particular style in every color if my finances allowed. I also love my navy and white peep toe spectator wedges. The only ones that I wasn't happy with are the ones with detachable bows,they rubbed. Didn't notice much stretching and I have a narrow foot. The pleated toes withstood 3-5 nights of dancing a week for years and are still in good condition.

    I am going to browse Heyday and have to tell you that I am really enjoying your blog. I even linked one of your posts,(so sorry I forgot to mention it to you) and already have a few more of posts picked to link that I find relate to more topics that I want to cover.

  6. Great to know! Thank you guys for all the info. Now when I see em in Vegas I may just have to pick some up.


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