Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Vintage Obsessions

I played hooky from work today. I just wasnt feeling good this morning so I stayed home and slept in. I needed it for sure!

As promised I took some pictures of some of my vintage obsessions. I hope this never comes across as showing off. I just like to share these things with people who appreciate them because there aren't a lot of people here who collect vintage.

50s sarong dress. This ones a Shaheen and I've worn this dress so many times that I retired it for a while. It may be time to bring out of retirement though.

Fun circle dress. I havent worn this yet. The weather just hasnt permitted me to. It will have to make its debut at Viva.

This is a pair of 40s shorts. Theyre really cute cuz they have that skirt quality that I love about the 40s styles.

And heres a pink and black pair. It doesnt get more 50s than that!

Pile of vintage halter tops.

Springolators. The brown ones were the first ones I ever bought and I still absolutely love them. The gold ones are Fredericks of Hollywood and are, of course, extremely hot!

Bakelite earrings. I want to get more carved ones. I saw an amazing pair at an antique store but they were $89! Thats too pricey for me.

My favorite bakelite bangle. I just love how unique it is.

Most of my bangle collection. I have a few others but really I dont have that many. I hope to continue to add to this collection though.


  1. Jealous! You have amazing style and you are so beautiful! Love your blog.

  2. Boy - what an amazing collection of wonderful things.
    -Andi x

  3. I love every single piece of it and I hope you share all future finds as well.

  4. Such wonderful things. I love those pink and black shorts!

  5. Thank you!! I love seeing other people collections as well. It inspires me!


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