Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kansas City Goodies!!!

As promised, here are photos of all the goodies I got in KC. I got a lot of great stuff! The purpose for the trip was mostly to shop so we definitely succeeded there.
I don't remember the name of the store that I got this at. It was across from Donnas shop though.

R&K Originals rayon dress. It has some holes that I need to mend but it was just too pretty to pass up!
This was Oscar's birthday present to me. Its hard to find matching sets of bakelite and these colors go really well together. I wore them along with the R&K dress to Donna's party and I got a lot of compliments on them. Dress and bakelite from Re-Runs.

Yellow 50s playsuit. I can never pass up a playsuit!!

Pure silk Oriental tea timer. Its missing the pants but I can wear it over leggings. Playsuit and tea timer from Vintage Vogue.

40s red and white striped jumper. Very candy striper!! Its funny. I've been hunting for 40s jumpers for years and in the last week I have acquired 3. I guess thats how it usually happens though.

Home made sun dress. It ties in the back and is so cute! Jumper and sun dress from Donnas Dress Shop.

I have quite a collection of vintage halter tops. I think at last count I had around 30. No friggin joke.

50s Mexican circle skirt. These are always quite expensive on Ebay, especially the sequined ones. The colors and print on this one are really beautiful and I got a great deal on it!

I've always wanted a pair of these. Halter, skirt, and shoes from Boomerang.

Proof that I don't only buy clothing items! Hamilton Beach milkshake maker. I just love the color! From the River Market Antique Mall.

This was the very last thing I bought before we got on our plane. We wandered into an antique mall and there it was in the last case I looked at. Its absolutely perfect! I really don't think it was ever used. Theres not a scratch on it! It was priced very reasonably too. I was quite excited to find it as the white one I've had for years now is showing its age. This will be a good replacement.

I was actually quite surprised at the amount of stuff I got. I wasn't expecting to find so much! And believe me, we could've bought a ton more!! We don't usually have a lot of luck finding stuff here in Denver (especially clothes) so we use these trips as shopping excursions. I was worried I wouldn't have a lot of new stuff for Vegas but no need to worry now! I just can't wait to wear them all!


  1. I love everything you got!! That homemade sun dress is super cute..I bet you look adorable in in!


  2. Thanks! I can't wait for the weather to warm up enough so I can wear it. I'm just happy its not snowing like it is on the east coast!

  3. OK, I am dying dying dying over your matador skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG the matador skirt and the bakelite... be still my heart!

  5. Oh yes the mexican skirt, lucite purse and the bakelite set ! I could die for ! Huge find !!! Ouah !!!!! You are a lucky gal !

  6. Thank you!! Yes, I feel really lucky to have found so much great stuff! I swear once I get a chance to wear them I will post outfit pics. I've been in work mode since I returned. I don't think my boss would appreciate the matadors as much as we do!

  7. oh wow, what a haul! maybe i should go visit my cousin in kc soon! ;-) i especially love the purse!!!


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