Friday, February 26, 2010

I have a problem...

When I'm not buying vintage I'm buying cosmetics. Even though I'm broke right now and should be saving my money for Vegas, I just can't resist pretty, shimmery makeup. I'm a sucker for glitter lip glosses and can't turn down coral blush.

I had to go to the mall to buy some much needed bras and figured I'd go by the MAC store to turn in my six empty containers. Thats how I got the Lip Gelee. I decided to get a new Paint Pot as well. I have Rubenesque and love it! I checked out their new collection but wasn't really into it. I considered getting the Crushed Metals pigment trio, but decided that $32 was a bit steep. I like to buy all my mineral shadows from Pure Luxe anyways. (Does anyone know how to make links show as just the name of the page? I want it to say just Pure Luxe but I have no idea how to do it! Please help!!)

After that of course I had to go to Sephora. I wanted to see the new Tarina Tarantino line but wasn't too thrilled with it. Its cute but a little pricey and not that pigmented. There was a blush I liked, but for $25 I figured I could just buy Nars.

MAC Lip Gelee in Slicked Pink
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
Sephora Lip Gloss in Iridescent Pink
Buxom Lip Gloss in April
Nars blush in Deep Throat
So far I really like everything I got. I'm not too sure about the Sephora gloss though cuz I can feel the glitter on my lips. I LOVE the Nars blush! But, I love everything from Nars. I spent forever at the counter swatching colors to decide what I wanted. I think the sales people thought I was trying to steal!
At lunch yesterday I went by Rite Aid and hit up their sales. They always have the best sales! All of Maybelline was buy 1 get 1 half off so I just couldn't resist picking some up!
Eye Studio in Taupe Temptress
Shine Sensational Lip Glosses in Treat Me Sweet and Mad About Melon
Dream Matte Mousse in Porcelain Ivory
The eyeshadow quad is nice. Very shimmery but not very pigmented. Thats all I've tried so far but I will let you know what I think of the Mousse. I know I will love the glosses as theirs are my favorite drug store gloss.


  1. I love NARS too!! To make the link, you just highlight the word(s) and then click on the hyper link button at the top of the text box in blogger (it looks like a yellow circle and it says link when you hover over it) and paste the link into. I hope that makes sense!! :)

  2. Thank you!! That does make sense now! This makes my blog world much better :-)

  3. What a stupendous haul!

  4. I am just the same, I have to avoid the Too Faced counter now to avoid being drawn in by those gorgeous shadows - lots of yum xx

  5. I didn't really like the new MAC line either... boo... I went to MAC 2 days ago... its a dangerous place! Especially since I have a pro card and get 30% off everything...


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