Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"I Have a Feeling We're Not in Kansas (City) Anymore..."

Well I'm back from Kansas City and it was a great time! KC is a cute little town with a surprising amount of stuff to do. There were tons of vintage and antique stores!! So many in fact, that we couldnt get to all of them! My wallet is definitely a lot lighter now. I will have pictures of all my great finds tomorrow. For now, here are some pics of all the great places we visited.

Heres a view of downtown from our hotel. It was cloudy and snowy the whole time we were there. Much like Denver...

At Arthur Bryants BBQ. This was Oscars #1 TO DO. The food here is AMAZING!!!! We brought home some sauce and a rub.

We did a lot of shopping! One of the shops we went to was Donnas Dress Shop. http://www.donnasdressshop.com/ It was a really cute little boutique that had new and vintage. I got 2 great dresses from her. They invited us back to their party they were having that evening so we made a point to go.

At the party with Donna and Tara. Everyone was really nice and the party was a big success. It was nice to see everyone dressed up. I wish people in Denver cared a bit more to get all dolled up.

With the very nice Candy and Nikki from Vixen Pinup Photography. http://www.vixenpinupphotography.com/ They gave us a laundry list of great places to visit in KC, two of which we went to after the party, and they were just extremely friendly. Their photos are really great and they do it all themselves: hair, makeup, wardrobe. When I get back to KC I promised I would shoot with them :)
Sunday was quite a bit more snowy and cold so we spent the day shopping and sight seeing. We went to the River Market Antique Mall and picked up some great goodies for our home. Then we headed through downtown to see all the buildings up close.

The Drum Room. Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Lionel Hampton have all performed here. The interior has been modernized (sadly) but there are tons of photos of all the jazz musicians that played there in its heyday. Its quite amazing!

The Kansas City Power and Light building. I stole these off the web because none of the pics I took did it justice. This was my favorite building in KC. At night the top lights up red and it looks like Draculas Castle! The building is an amazing example of Art Deco and from what I could see (its now closed to the public) the interior is quite beautiful.

That night the city was a bit dead due to the Super Bowl so we ate dinner and headed to Union Station, which was across from our hotel. It was connected by 'The Link', which is an above ground tunnel that connects a bunch of building and hotels. It was helpful with the weather being a bit chilly and wet.

Union Station taken from The Link. This is one of the prettiest train stations I've ever seen.

Harvey's Diner in Union Station. Great 50s decor without being tacky. And the food was yummy!

At the theater downtown with Lauren Bacall. I'm doing my best impression of "The Look". We saw Avatar in 3D. I left with a wicked headache!

Oscar with Bogie. For a modern theater it was pretty cute and vintage-y.

All in all KC is a great little town with great food and shopping. I would say its not as pretty as Denver is though. The houses and buildings in Denver are amazing (I will post about them in the future). But there is more to do in KC. The vintage and antique shopping is excellent with a great variety of stuff at decent prices. And everyone was really nice! There was a lot of things we wanted to do that we didnt get a chance to so we will have to take a trip back in the future.


  1. You look adorable and it looks like you had tons of fun!


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