Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy Bee

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was busy, busy with projects and chores. I did nothing fun at all! The BF worked all weekend so I took the time to do some stuff around the house. And man am I sore today!! Ugh.

First though, heres the picture of my lucite purse I promised. Its sitting in front of the pink one I own (and love).

I have a few others but they are tucked away in my closet. I wish I had a cute way to display them all like Mary Deluxe does, but I have a serious lack of space right now. Heres her fabulous display area:

So jealous!!!

Heres a better picture of my insane vanity. As you can see every bit of space is utilized (Excuse my cat and my sweats in the background!). Its a big 50s vanity with deep drawers and I have a matching dresser. But I simply have too much stuff! Not that I'm complaining though!

Now on to the projects I completed. I don't have any before pictures because I didn't have my camera at the time. Basically everything I painted was originally a boring white.

First I painted a wall display red. I love the way it turned out! I wanted to hang tea cups or something from hooks in the 3 holes, but the hooks I bought aren't deep enough.

A closeup of the vintage doodads on top. Theres some cold creams and lipsticks, and a rouge that I think is so cute!

I also painted my kitchen yellow. I was a little nervous with the color at first but once it dried I really liked it. I think it goes well with my decor.

Heres some photographs I have displayed. I think I should paint all the frames red...Or maybe apple green for a splash of color other than red and yellow? What do you all think???

My oven area, dirty pans included. The little spice rack used to be blue.

Yes I have cherries in my kitchen. How typical right???

The other big project I did was to paint a wall in my dining area red. This was inspired by my kitchen table, which is one of my most favorite Craigslist finds ever ($35 bucks!!!).

I really want to paint the rest of my dining/living room area a shade of forest green. Not too dark though. The decor is pink, aqua and gold (and red obviously) with an oriental theme. That green color is in the background of my curtains so I think it would look nice. We'll see if I ever get around to it though.

I also painted a foot stool gold, took down the Christmas tree (finally) and put a bunch of stuff aside for storage. I am not usually this motivated on the weekends but I was bored all by myself :(

I have to say though that I love the way it all turned out. I hate white walls and have been slowly painting them all. The living area is the final frontier. I've held off on painting everything because it is a rental and I keep thinking I'm gonna move, but after 4 years have decided that its either now or never!

Hopefully my landlord won't mind too much...


  1. Wow you were a busy bee, at least you can tick lots of things off your "to do" list!

    Love the cute strawberry shelf in the kitchen.

    I think a nice apple green on the frames would be a good choice :)

  2. I think so too. It'll spice up the red and yellow a bit.

  3. I really love your jewelry box!! Is it pink?? I have two that are very similar, one from my granndmother.

    I did a ton of projects this weekend too, it feels great not to have them weighing on me. :)

    (sorry if this posts twice, I thought I posted it earlier)

  4. Thanks! Yup its pink. I love it cuz it holds a lot of my jewelry. Not all of it though :(

  5. cute seating area! and those purses are to die for!

    you could hang vintage aprons from those hooks?

  6. Wow you were a busy bee this weekend! I LOVE color so I of course am loving all your paint colors! They work really well with all your vintage collectibles!

    I have my summers free so I'll be out to help you with your vanity! :)


  7. love the lucite purse! I dont have one because my wallet is bigger then the whole purse... plus I am too clumsy and would break it too easily.. but they are lovely.

  8. Screen Siren-Thanks! Aprons would be great but I have a shelf unit under it. I think I may need to just shop around and see whats out there. Not a problem for me of course!!
    Mary Deluxe-I love color too and am currently "arguing" with my BF about it. He thinks green would be too much color in the living room and would clash with the red. Pfffft! What does he know??? lol! And I so wish I could go shopping with you! You always find the best stuff!!!!
    Brook-I used to feel the same way, especially after having one stolen at Viva. Only the purse mind you, they left all of what was inside. Figures!! Maybe you can get one of those nifty metal and lucite ones? They are much sturdier. Plus they are super cute!


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