Friday, February 26, 2010

Beauty Product Reviews

So I've tried a few of the products I got the other day and thought I would review them.

First, I love the Bare Study Paint Pot. I can put the color over my entire lid and it works great as a highlight. Its also a great base for eye shadows. I tried it under the Eye shadow quad I got from Maybelline and it looks really good! The e/s' themselves are not super pigmented, but I actually like that because I can wear them with red lipstick and not feel overdone. I of course love my Nars blush, just as I knew I would. The color is really wonderful and goes great with a vintage 'face'.

I love the lip glosses I got! The Buxom one is a fabulous color. It has mint in it and smells like brown sugar. I want to get more! The only lip gloss I'm unsure of is the Sephora one. I just can't handle the grittiness of it. I think I may need to return it.

Lastly, I've been wearing the Dream Matte Mousse for a few days and I have to say that I'm impressed with it! It wears really well on my skin and can be worn sheer or can be built up for more coverage. I like it so much actually that I went and bought more! I also got a Dream Matte concealer which is really good! I don't usually buy a lot of drugstore products but it seems like some of the brands have stepped up a bit. I'm happily surprised.

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  1. Its funny I was just commenting on someone elses' blog saying how underestimated drug store brands ca be


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