Thursday, February 18, 2010

'Ask Me Anything' Answers

I've had a few questions asked of me so far and I think they are good ones so I'm posting them here.

Yes, please explain that picture!!! ;-)
lol! It was taken at last years Viva. There was this drunk "Rockabilly" guy going around doing back bends with his shirt off. Yes. Back bends. My friend Brooke convinced him to do that and then to give one lucky gal a lap dance as well. Hilarity ensued and we all took pictures of it. I felt bad for the girl though cuz he destroyed her hair!

What inspired you to embrace the rockabilly/pin up style? At what age did this happen?
I think I was 22, so about 10 years ago. I really loved all the neo swing music that came out, especially Squirrel Nut Zippers and Royal Crown Review, and thought that the dancing was really cool! However, when I went to the swing events I just didnt like them. They were all ages and it was a DJ. No bar and everyone dressed shabby. Then I went to a Rockabilly show. Everyone was dressed up, drinking martinis, and dancing. It was perfect! I found that the Rab people tended to wear vintage more which I really liked. The look just 'fit' me. My favorite music is actually 50s R&B, not rockabilly. I prefer the Rock & Roll aspect of it as opposed to the Hillbilly side. The Rab people I know are as vintage obsessed as I am, so it bugs me when people talk bad about the term Rockabilly because I think they have a misconception of it. For me, its not just about the music because I listen to all kinds of music! Its about the amazing style of vintage clothes, housewares, architecture, cars, etc. Its about the creativity of it all. When I stop being creative and stylish is when I've given up. And I'll give up when I'm dead!

where did you learn how to do the jive?? I want to learn but all the local places only teach swing and not the " bouncy" jive as they said....
Where do you live? I know in some areas its not very popular to dance jive so it may be hard to find a teacher. I learned at a rockabilly show in Albuquerque about 10 years ago, but thats only because Jive was big there. If you are planning to go to Viva they offer free Jive classes, so I would definitely take those. Or if you have someone you can learn with, and it can be the same sex ( I can lead Jive with my girlfriends) you guys can learn from a video on Youtube and then practice out at shows. Make sure you only watch Rockabilly Jive videos because theres a Ballroom Jive thats totally different. Also search for Vlv or Viva Jiving Contest, Hemsby or High Festival Jive Contest. They all have great videos of Jiving.

This video shows the basic opening position. This is how you will start the dance. Its good because it shows you how important it is to not rush the beats. Its 1 and 2 not 1 2 really fast.

This video breaks down a bunch of moves you can do and then shows them in action. Remember, you always spin clockwise and then you do a return spin counter clockwise. This is the basic dance. Also, there is no rock step.

And this one shows Mark and Genevieve, who have won like a million Jive contests. Its good to see how fun and wild the dance is supposed to be.

Don't worry about the aerials! Most people don't do them and I think they are unnecessary. Another bit of advice I have is about what to do with your feet. Jive is unique in that is it taught with the arms so its important to have a strong frame. But what do you do with your feet??? I say, whatever feels right. Genevieve hops, I tend to do a swivel/hop, and some people do a sort of 'walking' move where your feet are moving opposite from your hands (like when you walk). Just do what feels natural. Most importantly, listen to the music and dance to it. Also, have fun!!!

Thanks for the questions guys! Keep 'em coming!!


  1. Thanks for answering my questions doll. Its fun watching these videos, Im getting really into it and I am just starting to realise when growing my father would always talk about the dance they would do back "home" (my parents are Hungarian) called Rocky and it just dawned on me its swing dancing that they did "back home". Now I am even more fascinated after this discovery.

  2. I am the one that asked about the jive... I live in Orange County. Atomic Ballroom is supposed to be the go to place but they dont teach it... BOO! When I go to shows in LA everyone dances and its amazing!

  3. Yeah its really big in LA. I'm sure there are some places there that teach. Let me ask around. I have a lot of friends there. Being that you're in LA though you should really go Viva! Its a quick drive and an inexpensive trip. You'll do a lot of jiving there!

  4. Totally helpful post! Love it! PS: awesome website!


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