Friday, February 26, 2010

Beauty Product Reviews

So I've tried a few of the products I got the other day and thought I would review them.

First, I love the Bare Study Paint Pot. I can put the color over my entire lid and it works great as a highlight. Its also a great base for eye shadows. I tried it under the Eye shadow quad I got from Maybelline and it looks really good! The e/s' themselves are not super pigmented, but I actually like that because I can wear them with red lipstick and not feel overdone. I of course love my Nars blush, just as I knew I would. The color is really wonderful and goes great with a vintage 'face'.

I love the lip glosses I got! The Buxom one is a fabulous color. It has mint in it and smells like brown sugar. I want to get more! The only lip gloss I'm unsure of is the Sephora one. I just can't handle the grittiness of it. I think I may need to return it.

Lastly, I've been wearing the Dream Matte Mousse for a few days and I have to say that I'm impressed with it! It wears really well on my skin and can be worn sheer or can be built up for more coverage. I like it so much actually that I went and bought more! I also got a Dream Matte concealer which is really good! I don't usually buy a lot of drugstore products but it seems like some of the brands have stepped up a bit. I'm happily surprised.

I have a problem...

When I'm not buying vintage I'm buying cosmetics. Even though I'm broke right now and should be saving my money for Vegas, I just can't resist pretty, shimmery makeup. I'm a sucker for glitter lip glosses and can't turn down coral blush.

I had to go to the mall to buy some much needed bras and figured I'd go by the MAC store to turn in my six empty containers. Thats how I got the Lip Gelee. I decided to get a new Paint Pot as well. I have Rubenesque and love it! I checked out their new collection but wasn't really into it. I considered getting the Crushed Metals pigment trio, but decided that $32 was a bit steep. I like to buy all my mineral shadows from Pure Luxe anyways. (Does anyone know how to make links show as just the name of the page? I want it to say just Pure Luxe but I have no idea how to do it! Please help!!)

After that of course I had to go to Sephora. I wanted to see the new Tarina Tarantino line but wasn't too thrilled with it. Its cute but a little pricey and not that pigmented. There was a blush I liked, but for $25 I figured I could just buy Nars.

MAC Lip Gelee in Slicked Pink
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
Sephora Lip Gloss in Iridescent Pink
Buxom Lip Gloss in April
Nars blush in Deep Throat
So far I really like everything I got. I'm not too sure about the Sephora gloss though cuz I can feel the glitter on my lips. I LOVE the Nars blush! But, I love everything from Nars. I spent forever at the counter swatching colors to decide what I wanted. I think the sales people thought I was trying to steal!
At lunch yesterday I went by Rite Aid and hit up their sales. They always have the best sales! All of Maybelline was buy 1 get 1 half off so I just couldn't resist picking some up!
Eye Studio in Taupe Temptress
Shine Sensational Lip Glosses in Treat Me Sweet and Mad About Melon
Dream Matte Mousse in Porcelain Ivory
The eyeshadow quad is nice. Very shimmery but not very pigmented. Thats all I've tried so far but I will let you know what I think of the Mousse. I know I will love the glosses as theirs are my favorite drug store gloss.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Vintage Obsessions

I played hooky from work today. I just wasnt feeling good this morning so I stayed home and slept in. I needed it for sure!

As promised I took some pictures of some of my vintage obsessions. I hope this never comes across as showing off. I just like to share these things with people who appreciate them because there aren't a lot of people here who collect vintage.

50s sarong dress. This ones a Shaheen and I've worn this dress so many times that I retired it for a while. It may be time to bring out of retirement though.

Fun circle dress. I havent worn this yet. The weather just hasnt permitted me to. It will have to make its debut at Viva.

This is a pair of 40s shorts. Theyre really cute cuz they have that skirt quality that I love about the 40s styles.

And heres a pink and black pair. It doesnt get more 50s than that!

Pile of vintage halter tops.

Springolators. The brown ones were the first ones I ever bought and I still absolutely love them. The gold ones are Fredericks of Hollywood and are, of course, extremely hot!

Bakelite earrings. I want to get more carved ones. I saw an amazing pair at an antique store but they were $89! Thats too pricey for me.

My favorite bakelite bangle. I just love how unique it is.

Most of my bangle collection. I have a few others but really I dont have that many. I hope to continue to add to this collection though.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vintage Obsessions

When it comes to vintage there are definitely certain things that make me weak in the knees. No matter how many of them I get I still get excited when I find more. I decided that I would list some of them here. These are just pictures I found online. Tonight I will take pictures of actual items I own and post them tomorrow.

Bathing suits. I dream about lounging by the pool and drinking Mojitos and there is no better way to do it then while wearing a vintage bathing suit. They are just so flattering! I especially love the two piece variety but they are pretty hard to find.

Springolators. Talk about some sexy shoes! These look great with wiggle dresses. They are horrible for dancing though (IMO). For that I wear wedges.

Lucite purses. Though they can get a bit heavy after a while they sure are cute! I'll take this over a Louis Vuitton handbag any day!

Bakelite. This is a newer obsession of mine as I have tiny wrists and was always worried about them flying off when I danced. I still mostly wear them when I'm not planning on dancing very much.

Shorts. I hate modern shorts because its like you are wearing panties (they are so small!). But vintage shorts are extremely flattering and look super cute with a halter or tie top.

Halter tops. I think I've told you before about my obsession with these. I think I just always have an image in my head from the movie 'Shag' when Carson, wearing a white halter and red capris, says "Luanne, why don't we just go up there and say "This was our last weekend together, and we didn't feel like going to Fort Sumter and touring goddamn colonial homes. We wanted to go to the beach and meet boys and go to wild parties and dance." I mean, isn't that what we all want???

Playsuits, especially 40s ones. I love outfits with multiple matching pieces. Whether they have a skirt, shorts or pants, or a halter or tie top, or a variety, I just love them! The great thing is that with all my halter tops and shorts I can mix and match pieces to make my own playsuits.

Circle dresses. The definitive 50s dress. I actually have this red dress which I got for a steal from Buffalo Exchange when I worked there. The black part of mine is different though, as it has only one strap. I love this dress. My friend Tara used to pick me up to go dancing and when we both wore circle skirts she couldnt find the shifter through the crinoline. Cars are much smaller today...

Sarong/Hawaiian dresses. Theres just something about them! I am definitely a summer girl (obviously) and there is nothing more iconic for me than the Hawaiian dress. Oscar always gives me crap when I buy another Hawaiian dress, but he has about 50 Hawaiian shirts so he has no room to complain!!

So...what about you guys??? What gets your pulse racing when you shop? What vintage treasures can you just not get enough of?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is my world right now. It has been snowing non stop for 3 days. Luckily, the snowfall has been pretty minimal. This has been a pretty mild winter so far. No blizzards yet. A few years ago we had 6 in a row. That sucked.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Repro Buys

So I bit the bullet and bought the Aris Allen wedges. I've been eyeing them for a long time and I'm in desperate need of new white wedges so...what the hell! They'll come in handy at Viva.

I had considered getting the Remix wedges but had heard that they don't last very long. Has anyone had any experiences with them? They are so cute but I need shoes that won't give out after a year. The ones I currently have aren't even dance shoes. They're made by Spring Step and are sooo comfortable and durable! I've literally been dancing in them for about 9 years and they are still going strong. I just wanted something more 'vintage' looking I guess.

Now I want to take a minute and rave about something. A few months ago I purchased a pair of pants from Heyday.
Here's the lovely Fleur modeling the red trousers I purchased.

Now I was nervous to buy them because they are a UK company so the sizing is different and the price is more due to the conversion rate. But I had read many rave reviews about them so I figured it was worth it. So I purchased them. Shona sent me a lovely email saying she had mailed them out and asked me to let her know how they fit. When I got them in I was ecstatic! They were so beautifully made that I couldnt wait to get them on. So once I got home (I get all my packages sent to my office) I tried them on and...they didn't fit!!!! They were too small on my darned hips! I almost cried. I felt like a moron for not double checking my measurements. Truth is, I think I was in denial that I'm not 22 anymore. I'm a petite girl but my hips are womanly!

So as embarrassed as I was I sent Shona an email admitting my error and asking what could be done. She was so wonderful about it! She told me to send back the pair I had and she would send me out the next size up once they made more (they were out of them at the time). She wouldnt even let me pay for shipping! So now that she has them made she is mailing me the correct size out on monday. I simply can't wait to get them!

I would highly recommend shopping at Heyday! Not only are the clothes beautifully made but Shona is a delight to work with. You can tell that she wants her customers to be completely satisfied. I will definitely be repurchasing from them in the near future!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


My faith in figure skating has been restored!!!

And yes, its official: I am a complete dork.

'Ask Me Anything' Answers

I've had a few questions asked of me so far and I think they are good ones so I'm posting them here.

Yes, please explain that picture!!! ;-)
lol! It was taken at last years Viva. There was this drunk "Rockabilly" guy going around doing back bends with his shirt off. Yes. Back bends. My friend Brooke convinced him to do that and then to give one lucky gal a lap dance as well. Hilarity ensued and we all took pictures of it. I felt bad for the girl though cuz he destroyed her hair!

What inspired you to embrace the rockabilly/pin up style? At what age did this happen?
I think I was 22, so about 10 years ago. I really loved all the neo swing music that came out, especially Squirrel Nut Zippers and Royal Crown Review, and thought that the dancing was really cool! However, when I went to the swing events I just didnt like them. They were all ages and it was a DJ. No bar and everyone dressed shabby. Then I went to a Rockabilly show. Everyone was dressed up, drinking martinis, and dancing. It was perfect! I found that the Rab people tended to wear vintage more which I really liked. The look just 'fit' me. My favorite music is actually 50s R&B, not rockabilly. I prefer the Rock & Roll aspect of it as opposed to the Hillbilly side. The Rab people I know are as vintage obsessed as I am, so it bugs me when people talk bad about the term Rockabilly because I think they have a misconception of it. For me, its not just about the music because I listen to all kinds of music! Its about the amazing style of vintage clothes, housewares, architecture, cars, etc. Its about the creativity of it all. When I stop being creative and stylish is when I've given up. And I'll give up when I'm dead!

where did you learn how to do the jive?? I want to learn but all the local places only teach swing and not the " bouncy" jive as they said....
Where do you live? I know in some areas its not very popular to dance jive so it may be hard to find a teacher. I learned at a rockabilly show in Albuquerque about 10 years ago, but thats only because Jive was big there. If you are planning to go to Viva they offer free Jive classes, so I would definitely take those. Or if you have someone you can learn with, and it can be the same sex ( I can lead Jive with my girlfriends) you guys can learn from a video on Youtube and then practice out at shows. Make sure you only watch Rockabilly Jive videos because theres a Ballroom Jive thats totally different. Also search for Vlv or Viva Jiving Contest, Hemsby or High Festival Jive Contest. They all have great videos of Jiving.

This video shows the basic opening position. This is how you will start the dance. Its good because it shows you how important it is to not rush the beats. Its 1 and 2 not 1 2 really fast.

This video breaks down a bunch of moves you can do and then shows them in action. Remember, you always spin clockwise and then you do a return spin counter clockwise. This is the basic dance. Also, there is no rock step.

And this one shows Mark and Genevieve, who have won like a million Jive contests. Its good to see how fun and wild the dance is supposed to be.

Don't worry about the aerials! Most people don't do them and I think they are unnecessary. Another bit of advice I have is about what to do with your feet. Jive is unique in that is it taught with the arms so its important to have a strong frame. But what do you do with your feet??? I say, whatever feels right. Genevieve hops, I tend to do a swivel/hop, and some people do a sort of 'walking' move where your feet are moving opposite from your hands (like when you walk). Just do what feels natural. Most importantly, listen to the music and dance to it. Also, have fun!!!

Thanks for the questions guys! Keep 'em coming!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuff I Want

Its not good to covet things 42 days before Viva...

Nars Duo Eyeshadow Kuala Lumpur $32.00

Tara Starlet Sailors Shorts

$70.00 (Ouch! Damn American money! Not worth nuthin!)

Aris Allen Rug-Cutter $74.95

Whirling Turban Sarong Dress. They are offering this dress FREE if you buy another dress of theirs in the same size. Sadly, it is not my size. So if any of you are lucky enough to fit into this dress you may want to look into this. Being that their gorgeous dresses run around $189+ this is a great deal!

Ask Me Anything!!

So I jumped on board the Formspring train and made an account. So if anyone would like to ask me anything at all please go ahead.

And yes, you can even ask me to explain this picture :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Round-up

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a fabulous Valentines Day! This is just a post about my weekend which was quite busy.
Friday night we went to a show. We saw the Booze Bombs who are from Germany. The show was a lot of fun!! This is what I wore:
I was trying to get a close up of my hair but it didn't work. I just did two rolls on either side and left the back down.

Purse:Gold lucite from Ebay
Shoes: Ecco
Bakelite Bangles and screw back flower earrings.

Huge Stella at the diner we ate dinner at. It was as big as my head!!

Dorky boys Mark and John. All in all the show was fun and there was a good turn out. The Booze Bombs were really nice and we got to do some jiving.

Sunday we had plans to go up to Boulder and spend the night. We went to dinner and a show as celebration for Valentines day. Dinner was yummy and we ate too much!
I tried to dress warm as it was quite chilly so I wore my green Charlotte Russe sweater. Not pictured here but I'm wearing a 40s floral rayon skirt with tights and mary janes.

After dinner we went to see Devotchka, who are based in Denver. They're a really cool band thats sort of Gypsy/Russian/Slavic/etc. They play like a million different instruments and have ribbon dancers that tour with them. They've toured with Dita and other burlesque acts as well as doing movie soundtracks. They're really unique and you should check them out if you can.

After the show we went and had drinks at the Boulderado, which is Boulders oldest hotel. We took a bunch of pictures under their glass ceiling.

The next day we did some shopping and site seeing. It was much warmer but I still bundled up. I was quite casual though and didn't bother to take a picture.

Here's a picture of the Boulder theater which is really beautiful!

Lastly, here are some pics of what we bought.

50s Southwestern skirt.
Another jumper. lol! This one is rayon and looks to be homemade.
And this is what Oscar bought. An original 40s rayon hawaiian shirt. Its long sleeved which is pretty rare. He has a million Hawaiian shirts so whats one more right???

All in all it was a great weekend. I actually don't like Boulder very much because I think the people there are quite snobby and rude, but it does have some good things. There are a couple good vintage stores and some great food. I was very happy though to return to Denver. I spent the rest of the evening watching figure skating as I'm quite obsessed. Tonight is the mens competition. Can't wait!!!
Dress: Forever 21

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Outfit Post

This is what I wore on saturday to run errands. The day started out sunny and warm but it quickly turned. By the time I got to the grocery store I was freezing!!

Dress: Buffalo Exchange

Cardigan: Forever 21

Purse: Ebay (I think)

Shoes: Ecco from Ebay

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sew Much 'To Do'!!!

I don't know about you guys, but it seems to me that my sewing pile only seems to increase in size. 2 of the items I bought in KC and a new halter and pair of shorts need to be mended or altered slightly, which just adds to my 'To Do' list.

"To Do..."

This is my old sewing pile, most of which have been hanging here for quite some time. Most of these items I plan on wearing at Viva, which gives me about a month and half to complete them all. Which should be plenty of time, right??? But I know myself. I will wait until a couple days before Viva to even start on any of them. I slack like that.

The Mr is working on saturday so maybe I will try to get to a couple of them.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fab Gabs Contest

Fab Gabs Vintage is having a contest right now and wants people to send her pictures of how you do vintage. Her clothes are amazing and her blog is super cute! So make sure you head on over and check it out!!

Kansas City Goodies!!!

As promised, here are photos of all the goodies I got in KC. I got a lot of great stuff! The purpose for the trip was mostly to shop so we definitely succeeded there.
I don't remember the name of the store that I got this at. It was across from Donnas shop though.

R&K Originals rayon dress. It has some holes that I need to mend but it was just too pretty to pass up!
This was Oscar's birthday present to me. Its hard to find matching sets of bakelite and these colors go really well together. I wore them along with the R&K dress to Donna's party and I got a lot of compliments on them. Dress and bakelite from Re-Runs.

Yellow 50s playsuit. I can never pass up a playsuit!!

Pure silk Oriental tea timer. Its missing the pants but I can wear it over leggings. Playsuit and tea timer from Vintage Vogue.

40s red and white striped jumper. Very candy striper!! Its funny. I've been hunting for 40s jumpers for years and in the last week I have acquired 3. I guess thats how it usually happens though.

Home made sun dress. It ties in the back and is so cute! Jumper and sun dress from Donnas Dress Shop.

I have quite a collection of vintage halter tops. I think at last count I had around 30. No friggin joke.

50s Mexican circle skirt. These are always quite expensive on Ebay, especially the sequined ones. The colors and print on this one are really beautiful and I got a great deal on it!

I've always wanted a pair of these. Halter, skirt, and shoes from Boomerang.

Proof that I don't only buy clothing items! Hamilton Beach milkshake maker. I just love the color! From the River Market Antique Mall.

This was the very last thing I bought before we got on our plane. We wandered into an antique mall and there it was in the last case I looked at. Its absolutely perfect! I really don't think it was ever used. Theres not a scratch on it! It was priced very reasonably too. I was quite excited to find it as the white one I've had for years now is showing its age. This will be a good replacement.

I was actually quite surprised at the amount of stuff I got. I wasn't expecting to find so much! And believe me, we could've bought a ton more!! We don't usually have a lot of luck finding stuff here in Denver (especially clothes) so we use these trips as shopping excursions. I was worried I wouldn't have a lot of new stuff for Vegas but no need to worry now! I just can't wait to wear them all!

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