Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Vintage" Goodies at Forever 21

I have to admit that my guilty pleasure is shopping at Forever 21. I would say that the majority of my modern wardrobe is from there. This is partly due to the fact that I work down the street from one.They often have really cute items that have a definite vintage feel to them. And you just can't beat their prices!!

These would be great accessories for the beach or pool.
20's style Cloche.

Adorable 50's style cardigans.

The nautical theme is big this season. I got a pair of high waisted sailor pants about a month ago that I love.

I'm buying these two jackets TOMORROW!!! I simply adore them!!


  1. Love that cardie with the cherries!

  2. i went to see the cherry red/black cardie today and fell in love with it - sadly it only comes in their junior sizes s/m/l and didn't fit - but tiny ladies, it's adorable and go buy it now! I did end up though with two fantastic plaid blouses on clearance and a cream colored cardie (first time in Forever21 - terrible music but some good things to see!)

  3. I went in as well and wound up not buying either jacket I really wanted. I did however buy some blue Sailor shorts that are quite vintage looking :)


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