Friday, January 22, 2010

Style Icon: Carole Landis

Whenever I'm looking at old photos of Hollywood starlets, I always stop on one in particular. Carole Landis was just stunning! She was known for her curves but what I like most about her is the shape of her mouth and her big blue eyes. Oh, and her hair! It was always perfect.

She changed her look a lot during her career, alternating from brunette to blonde. I prefer her as a blonde. I also prefer her when she was around 120 lbs. At 5'6 she was wayyyy too skinny when she weighed less than that. Plus, she would lose some of her famous curves.

It really is a shame that we lost her so early. Most pictures show her as being quite happy, but there are some where you can see a hint of sadness in her eyes. She took her own life in 1948 when her lover would not leave his wife. It was her third suicide attempt.

Though her life ended tragically at least we have her on celluloid. In my opinion she encompassed that perfect 40's look and style. She truly inspires me!

I'm getting my hair cut this weekend so hopefully I can try and copy some of her styles. I have bangs so I won't be able to do the wave in the front, but maybe I can fake it. If I do I will try and post pictures.


  1. Hi there! Glad I found you! Great post too ...x

  2. Found you through "Welcome to Deluxe Ville." Nice to meet you! :)

  3. I'm so glad you are a fan of the beautiful and talented Carole Landis. She is my all-time favorite actress!

    I also love photos of her when she blonde, happy, and voluptuous :-) By the way she actually died in 1948.

    You can learn more about her at and

  4. My friend Liz told me about your blog..Im Carole's great-neice would love to chat with you. We have a family website you can check out my email is on there. Thanks for being such a supporter for Carole and loving her like you do...Tammy

  5. Thanks OBF and Tammy-What a great website!! I can't stop looking through it! I will email you soon Tammy and maybe I can do a new post with some of the info you have? I love that the site is done from a family members perspective. It really shows what a great woman she was!

  6. vi prego ditemi perche' si chiamava LANDIS

  7. io mi chiamo LANDIS


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