Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Holidays

Since I finally got my camera hooked up to my computer I figured I'd post some pictures from the holidays. They were surprisingly enjoyable this year.

Our fabulous aluminum Christmas tree which I put up on November 1st. We had not one but TWO color wheels going this year. The electric bill sucked...

With the children Pachuca Lou and Calvin Wayne. I have no idea why Chucas eyes glow green.

This was the first turkey I have ever made. It turned out amazingly well! Also, dig Chuca's christmas sweater.

The man of the house carving the turkey while the children look on hungrily.

After dinner we opened presents. I got a hot pink Snuggie for kids!!!

Oscars sister works at MAC which works out EXTREMELY well for me :-)

At our friends for Christmas Dinner. They cooked German food. My stomache does not agree with German food...

On New Years Eve.


  1. Great pictures! I love your tree!

  2. Oh my God, at the first sight i think that the chuca green eyes were christmas balls !! oh oh oh ha ha ha


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