Friday, January 15, 2010


So this is my first blog post and I figure that I should just introduce myself. This is me:

This was taken last April-ish at Viva Las Vegas. That was the first year I actually made it to the pool party, even though I've been going to Viva for about 10 years. Or 9. I forget. Anyways, this blog is just gonna be about me and the things I like. I'd like to think that I have a wide variety of interests; some 'cool' and some not cool. I imagine I will cover them all here eventually. So if you have stopped by my humble little blog I just want to say thank you in advance. And hopefully my life isn't too boring. Lol!


  1. Holly! Its Lisa! From san fran! I'm so excited you have a blog too. :) see you in 9 weeks! xx.

  2. I love your blog so far! MaryDeluxe told me to pay you a visit! :)


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