Monday, January 25, 2010


First I want to say 'thank you' to everyone that is following me and has left comments. I left on friday with 4 followers and returned today to find 37!! That was a nice way to start a monday.

Second, I did get my hair cut over the weekend but I neglected to take pictures. I had a fabulously lazy weekend and did nothing with my hair (nor with anything else).

That being said I decided that I would do a post about a book that I own. It is called "Sunkissed" and is by Joshua James Curtis. It is a collection of photos from the 30s and 40s (some 20s and 50s) featuring Hollywood starlets in sunwear. Some are stills from movies or studio promo shots and there are some candids as well. The bathing suits are amazing and the hairstyles give me tons of ideas!

I wanted to share this book with everyone because I never see it referenced anywhere. I know that it is not published anymore and can be hard to find (I bought it twice on Ebay. Gotta love fraudulant sellers!). Luckily it is available on Amazon!
If you dont already have this book I would highly recommend getting it.

Sorry for the choppy pictures. I dont have a scanner!

I love the matching polka dot set.

The book is packed with pictures. This 30s hawaiian number is simply devine!

A collection of magazine covers.

These 3 ladies do a whole striptease down to their bathing suits.

And people thought the air brush tan was a recent invention!!

Betty Grable in a pair of white shorts I would kill for.

I love sarong dresses and bathing suits. A girl can never have too many IMO.

Carole Landis, my favorite of course.

The updos in this book are awe inspiring.


  1. I've actually owned this book for years, yet never got round to properly looking through it.
    Looks like I've got a hidden gem on my bookshelf. So thanks for doing this post hehe :)

  2. What a great book! And Congrats on the followers, it took me a good couple of months to get that many! x

  3. I have this one too! Josh sent it to me a couple years ago. Its such a wonderful book! the author has so many treasures,he could do another book!

  4. I love this book! I'm always using it as reference for hairstyles. I wish he would come out with another one.

  5. Sunkissed is a wonderful book!!! The author, Joshua Curtis, is a friend of mine and he has an amazing collection of photos. I was so happy he included two of my favorites stars in the book - the unforgettable Carole Landis and the stunning McDonald :-)


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