Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dance Etiquette

So I did go dancing last night and had a lot of fun! The music was great and we got to Shag a lot. However, I did manage to stumble down the stairs (only 3 of them) in front of the whole room. I didn't just trip, I fell on my butt. Not only did it hurt but it was quite mortifying.

That aside, I have to rant about something real quick. I have a dance partner named Glen who I always go with. In fact we really don't ever go without each other and we spent most of the time dancing together. Well we walked in together and immediately saw this girl, we shall refer to her as M, who I'm not too fond of. She's just not really nice and I always get the impression that she likes Glen and therefore does not like me. Well she gave me a good up and down and a scowl. Figures but whatever. Then she dragged Glen out to dance for 2 songs. Quite annoying. Anyways, later in the evening he and I were practicing Shag and she butted in and was like 'we need to dance a few more because I'm leaving soon.' No 'I'm sorry' or 'do you mind?' or anything. Just demanded that he dance with her NOW! Glen gives me a knowing look and goes and dances with her because he's just too nice to say no. But later in the evening mentioned to me that he's beginning to think that I'm right about M and that she happens to be rather rude. I said next time she does that I'm going to tell her no, and to wait until we are done dancing.

I'm just annoyed with this girl. She has zero dance etiquette and is rather rude, not only to me but to my friend Emma as well. Again, I think she has a bit of a dance crush on Glen so any girl he is with is automatic competition. Which is funny because he and I are only dance partners and nothing more. But if she continues to act this way I'm gonna have to tell her whats up. Glen may be too nice but I don't have that same problem! lol!

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